Спробуйте або встановіть

Make the step – unless you wish to purchase a PC with GNU/Linux pre-installed, you can see what freedom looks like on your computer.

Спробуйте: живий CD

Take no risk

Using a live CD means that GNU/Linux will be running on your computer without installing anything. It's a risk-less way to try and see by yourself what GNU/Linux is.

When running on a live CD, your computer uses solely the CD-ROM to work (without accessing the hard drive inside). You can launch all of the default programs, edit documents, and browse the web.

Since it is only designed as a trial mode, it is a little slow (it will take you five minutes to boot up, and programs launch somewhat slowly). If you proceed to install, the system will go much faster.

Що вам потрібно

To use a live CD, you need a little bit of curiosity and fifteen minutes of free time, but no advanced knowledge in computing. If you feel confident simply using Windows from time to time, then this is within your reach.

Встановлення із подвійним завантаженням

Вибрати при завантаженні

Існує можливість встановлення GNU/Linux поряд із Windows. Це означає, що під час завантаження комп'ютера Вас привітає екран вибору, який дозволить завантажувати ту операційну систему, яку Ви забажаєте.

Setting up a dual-boot can be helpful if you need time to abandon restrictive software. It is not difficult to set-up, though erasing Windows altogether is even easier.

Що вам потрібно

Installing GNU/Linux on your computer will take you less than 30 minutes. It is not an obvious step for complete beginners, but if you use computers on a daily basis this is very likely within your reach. If you have already re-installed Windows on your computer, rest assured that installing GNU/Linux is no harder.

Get the CD you need

For the distributions we recommend, the live CD (or DVD) is the same as the installation CD. You can either download and burn a CD yourself, or order a CD from a trusted vendor.

You can download an iso image (rather large file) and then burn it to a DVD or create a bootable USB stick. You can then use it to install Ubuntu onto your computer.

The Fedora live CD also enables installation. Follow the Fedora installation guide to get started with Fedora.

Note: Purchased and downloaded CDs are identical! GNU/Linux is free software. You are simply paying a handling/shipping fee.

Free Software pre-installed

Not all computers are shipped with Windows. If you do not wish to make the install yourself, or are in need of new hardware, you can get a laptop or a desktop pre-installed with GNU/Linux. LinuxPreloaded.com has compiled a list of vendors pre-installing GNU/Linux just for that reason.