From Windows to GNU/Linux

This is what everyday users usually find better, mostly the same, or not as good, when switching from Windows to GNU/Linux.

What is better in GNU/Linux

Слободен е

Unlike Windows, GNU/Linux is free software – free as in freedom. Install it on all computers and make copies for your friends! You can even study it, transform it as you please, or build and sell your own distribution.


There are a wealth of free applications available at no cost under GNU/Linux. To edit professional documents, burn music CDs, rework photos, design a website, or organise music; there's no need for $200 software with restrictive licenses.

Оваа внатрешна инсталацијска програма овозможува многу лесно пронаоѓање, инсталирање и отстранување програми.

Исто така е и безбедно: може да заборавите на осакатениот демо/пробен софтвер, или штетните бесплатни програми кој го загадуваат интернетот.

Без напори

Одржувањето на твојот компјутер во форма со текот на времето не треба да претставува битка. После една година ГНУ/Линукс работи исто толку брзо како првиот ден. И може да му го врати животот на твојот стар PC.

Also, GNU/Linux lets you choose what you want and what you don't. If you had a hard time getting rid of Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, or adware and web browser toolbars, you'll find it refreshing.


Forget expensive and restrictive anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-anything and anti-everything. GNU/Linux is very, very secure.

It is often difficult for Windows users to believe that there are no spyware nor viruses under GNU/Linux — but it's true. Malicious programs have a hard time doing anything at all in a well-built system.

Редовни, едноставни ажурирања на софтверот ќе ги чуваат сите целосно безбедни.


GNU/Linux benefits from a great sense of community whose friendliness will surprise you. If you try to do something complicated but can't succeed, there are a lot of people around to help you out. Our "Περισσότερα " page gives a few pointers.

The companies behind the main GNU/Linux distributions, such as Canonical and Red Hat, also provide expert commercial support.

What is mostly the same in GNU/Linux

Fundamentally, everyday users will find GNU/Linux similar in use to Windows or macOS.

Општи подесувања

If you still believe GNU/Linux is controlled with code and command-line, you should update your views!

Just like Windows, GNU/Linux has to boot when you switch your computer on, and then you use programs in it to do different things. The taskbar and layout of applications will feel familiar to Windows or macOS users.

Разгледување на интернет и вообичаени задачи

The Web looks just the same when viewed with GNU/Linux (in fact you can browse the Web with the same program if you already use Firefox or Google Chrome). And of course, you can go through your picture and music collection all the same. Files and folders are navigated with a file manager like Windows Explorer.

What is not as good in GNU/Linux

Подршка за драјвери

Manufacturers of computer hardware don't always (yet) release drivers for GNU/Linux or publicize full specifications.

Така драјверите некој пат се недостапни за најновите и најјаки графички карти — некои се направени од волонтери од Виндоус драјвери со обратно проектирање. Некои се издаваат бесплатно но со ограничени лиценци.

Тажно но истото се случува и со голем број од послабите картички за безжичен интернет.

However, the vast majority of computers with standard hardware work out of the box with main GNU/Linux distributions. Common hardware such as USB keys or photo cameras never are a problem.

ДВД и ограничени формати

Many multimedia formats in use are proprietary and not openly specified; this means, broadly speaking, that GNU/Linux programmers have to find out how to read them without any help from the format designers.

This might lead you to circumvent the restrictions in some DVDs and the DRM in some music files, even if you purchased them in full legality, to be make them work under GNU/Linux. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, such circumvention processes may be illegal even if you purchased your media entirely legally.

Read more in our GNU/Linux FAQ:


Hard-core computer gamers, you might find that the GNU/Linux gaming world is less professional and out-of-the-box than under Windows: the large game developing companies are only slowly getting interested in the free software world, which means that many well-known titles do not work on GNU/Linux, or need special restrictive emulators to work.

There is a very active free software game development community though, and they have produced quite a few high-quality games, both 2D and 3D, that are free software. You can head to the Ubuntu gaming forum to find more information. And with the release of the popular Steam platform to GNU/Linux, the number of GNU/Linux supported games on Steam has been growing rapidly.

Read more in our GNU/Linux FAQ:


Поради проблемите со драјвери образложена погоре, хибернацијата не е секогаш сигурна. Најчесто се случува губење на безжичната врска после хибернација кај лаптопи чии хардверски драјвери не се слободни.


Whether you are going to enjoy GNU/Linux depends mostly on what you expect from it.

  • If you wish GNU/Linux to be just exactly like Windows, you will probably be disappointed. GNU/Linux is built by people who simply wish it to be different. In the free software community, members have different visions of what makes an ideal operating system. These differences lead to variety, which is what makes GNU/Linux so special and interesting.
  • Твојата слобода е важна. Илјадници во заедниците и компаниите работат на правење софтвер од кој ти ја добиваш оваа слобода. Користењето на ГНУ/Линукс е најлесен начин да го правиш тоа целосно.
  • Забавно е! Бидејќи нема потреба да се грижиш за спајвер, вируси, регистрација на програми, демо верзии на кој им поминува рокот или наоѓање софтвер кој навистина е слободен како во слободата, наеднаш го прави користењето на компјутерот многу пријатно.

Се надеваме дека наскоро ќе се префрлиш. Има голема заедница која чека, и никој во неа не бара од тебе да &цитат;се најавиш, купиш и регистрираш&цитат;.